Scrimshaw Sailing Charters

Cruise Lake St. Clair and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Our Mission
Allow Scrimshaw Sailing Charters to give you the enjoyment of a sunset while sailing across Lake St. Clair. Get the feel and relaxation of the wind.  Feel the power of the wind as you have your hand on the wheel of Five O’clock Somewhere, a “top of the line” luxury racing / cruising sail craft.  Do all this without the concerns of who is going to put it away after the day is over. This is what we at Scrimshaw Sailing Charters will strive to give you.

This is a Captained cruise only but you can be at the helm. Feel the power of the wind and the drive that 1,000 sq. ft of sail can give you. Learn the basics of sailing from a ASA certified instructor Captain Dominick Principe. Make this a family affair or a sunset cruise on Lake St. Clair with the one you most like to share it with.